Educational Materials

Mangrove Conservation is a multifaceted effort, spanning multiple areas and various topics. Look through the booklets linked below to learn more about different aspects of mangrove ecosystems, their benefits and their protection.

The Mangrove Ecosystem

What are the components of a mangrove ecosystem? What are its ecological functions?

A History of Mangroves in the Philippines

A brief overview of the history of the state of mangroves, and our understanding of them, in the country.

Mangroves and Society

How do mangroves help the communities built around them socioeconomically?

Materials by Alconis, Karl Eli R.; Axibal, Joane Denise Alliah M.; Eleazar, Pamela Christine L.; Llames, Gel Christian P.; Lira, Leandro Emanuele P.; Maligalig, Paulo Miguel R.; Yuzon, Ma. Katrina Ysabel T.

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