The STAGE Program

An integrated and holistic community-based natural resources management (CB-NRM) strategy that aims to capacitate small-scale fishers and coastal communities in managing their local natural resources
The Six Pillars of STAGE

The STAGE Program operates through these six strategies.

Environmental Protection & Management

Local partners are co-managers in the protection and conservation of corals, mangroves, and seagrass beds.

Community Organizing

Fisherfolk organizations and FARMCs are formed and empowered to respond to fundamental issues, and engage in local governance and policy-making

Networking, Advocacy & Linkaging

Together with ISO, partners from the grassroots, government and civil society advocate their rights in discussions, and decision and policy-making

Participatory Action Research

The community plays a major role in research through the assessment of their own socioeconomic conditions and monitoring of the status of their natural resources

Alternative Livelihood

Alternative livelihood options for fisherfolk aid in sustaining them and their families while they implement programs in CB-NRM.

Values-based Formation & Capacity-building

Local partners enhance their knowledge, skills, and attitudes to become responsible stewards of God’s creation.

Bay-wide Operations

The project areas of ISO are located in four bays around Luzon: San Fernando Bay, Northern Lamon Bay, San Miguel Bay, and Coron Bay. Collaborations with local institutions and organizations in these four areas facilitate a more integrative natural resource management.

Philippine map with highlighted areas, emphasizing the four areas of operation of ISO.
Project Areas
La Union

Using the public-private partnership (PPP) framework, the ISO facilitated the formation and strengthening of the Poro Sea…

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The Culion Island, facing the Coron Bay in Palawan, is one of the Marine Key Biodiversity Areas in the Philippines.

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Throughout the years, the ISO has been assisting in the strengthening of the Integrated Fisheries and Aquatic…

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Camarines Sur

The ISO facilitates the strengthening of its partner fisherfolk organizations (FOs) in Siruma.

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