The Mangrove Website Project

An academic research-based student initiative for environmental justice

A collaborative project of the Ateneo de Manila AB Sociology students, Ateneo Socio- Cultural Fieldschool, Institute of Social Order (ISO), and the Department of Sociology and Anthropology-Anthropological and Sociological Initiatives of the Ateneo (DSA-ASIA).


Siklo Ti Biag: The Mangroves & Marine Ecosystem of San Fernando City, La Union

With guidance from research, organizations, and on-the-ground encounters with the locals of San Fernando City, explore Earth’s natural frontiers, the mangroves. The community of San Fernando City, La Union, equipped with a vision for a more sustainable and inclusive future of resource management in its city, endeavors to conserve and protect the locals’ very own mangrove and marine ecosystems.

Mangrove Planting in San Fernando City, La Union
(Photography by Omme Atiyah B. Goting, GPC-PIO)


Waste Management and the Mangroves of Culion, Philippines

On the island of Culion in Palawan, take on the perspective of local fisherfolk and development professionals as they grapple with the effects of solid waste on mangrove forests. Waste management has emerged to be a very important aspect of mangrove conservation, with consequences that range from the inhabitability of the mangroves for marine species to the decrease in quantity and increase in hardship for small-scale fisherfolk plying the waves.

A mangrove habitat in Culion, Palawan
(Photography by ISO)


Women-Led Mangrove Conservation Efforts in Siruma, Camarines Sur

In the province of Siruma, Camarines Sur, community members take on a new practice of mangrove conservation. Through this newfound process, the people of Siruma slowly adapt and learn how to work with the environment rather than tearing it down. With the help of the ISO and other NGOs, Siruma turns theory into practice through aquasilviculture.

Members of Samahan ng Maliliit na Mangingisda ng Pamintan-Boboan-Bahao (SAMMAPABBA), one of ISO’s partner People’s Organizations in Siruma, Camarines Sur
(Photography by Jerry Quitorio)
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