Faith that does Justice

Established in 1947, the Institute of Social Order (ISO), Inc. is the oldest social apostolate of the Society of Jesus – Philippine Province. Since then, the ISO has been committed to upholding the integrity of creation and living out faith that does justice.

The STAGE Program

The ISO believes that those who primarily use natural resources should be their rightful managers. The Social Transformation and Grassroots Empowerment Program seeks to empower local artisanal fishers from the different partner localities of ISO.

The ISO Facilities

In line with ISO’s mission of empowerment, it offers spaces for trainings and conferences, and offices for NGOs and Social Development Institutions. It also has residential facilities, transient rooms, and an in-house cafeteria.

The revenues generated from these services support ISO’s community-based programs and sustain its partners’ efforts to improve their lives.

Why the fishers?

The ISO believes that fishers are the most vulnerable to exploitation and to the effects of climate change. Living in coastal communities exposes them to natural hazards. The continuous decline of marine resources also intensifies the competition with large scale fishers, affecting their source of food and livelihood.

Our Mission

Empowerment of the Poor & Marginalized

The ISO works with and organizes vulnerable sectors of the society so that they may improve their living conditions and cope with the demands of the changing socio-political, economic, environmental, and cultural milieu.

Social Transformation

The ISO works to transform the unjust structures of power in the country through the promotion of a participatory, equitable, gender-sensitive, and sustainable development process.

Reconciliation with Creation

Through community-based strategies, grassroots communities are trained and encouraged to manage their local natural resources.

Project Areas

  • San Fernando City, La Union
  • Burdeos & Panukulan, Quezon
  • Culion, Palawan
  • Siruma, Camarines Sur
The ISO currently represents 961* individuals in coastal communities in the Philippines.

*as of July 2020


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