ISO Project Areas

City of San Fernando

La Union

Using the public-private partnership (PPP) framework, the ISO facilitated the formation and strengthening of the Poro Sea Lovers’ Association (PSLA). Capacity-building activities that are focused on CB-CRM strategies, organizational strengthening, and social enterprise development have been conducted for the PSLA. With the skills developed from these trainings, the PSLA now spearheads the environmental protection initiatives in Barangay Poro and the Poro Marine Protected Area (MPA). The PSLA has initiated the formation of the Poro MPA Management Council and the Poro MPA Guardians  or Bantay-Dagat for the day-to-day management of the 44-hectare Poro MPA. The Luto ti Poro was also established to provide additional income to the organization and its members. With a strong partnership with the City Government of San Fernando and other local MPAs, such as in Barangays Kasay and Lingsat, an Integrated MPA Management Council has been formed to establish and operate the three-MPA network encompassing San Fernando Bay.

Funding Institution
  • Caltex Foundation, Inc.
Partner Institutions
  • City Government of San Fernando and CENRO
  • Poro Point Management Council
  • Union Christian College
  • Don Mariano Marcos State University
  • Barangay LGU of Poro
Partner Organizations
  • Poro Sea Lovers’ Association (PSLA)
  • Poro MPA Management Council
  • City-Wide Integrated MPA Management Council

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