Waste Management and the Mangroves of Culion, Philippines

Among the top problems faced by mangrove ecosystems and the lives they support is the improper management of solid waste, which may contaminate mangrove areas and hamper their functions and services. #AlagaanAngBakawan #PakingganAngCulion is a campaign that seeks to spread awareness of this problem and to affect positive change towards the mangroves—not only of Culion, but all over the country—through proper solid waste management and disposal.

Waste Management and Mangrove Conservation

What are the facts on the ground from Culion? How is waste management a problem, what efforts have been done in response to it, and what have been the results?

A Fisher’s Experience

The fishermen of Culion grapple with challenges to the environment each day. How has their experience in their livelihood changed through the years, and what factors have played a part?

Educational Materials

Learn more about the different facets of the mangrove ecosystem within Culion, in the Philippines and beyond.

Photos by ISO

Download the brochure for community dissemination here!

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A collaborative project of the Ateneo de Manila AB Sociology students, Ateneo Socio-Cultural Fieldschool, Institute of Social Order (ISO), and the Department of Sociology and Anthropology-Anthropological and Sociological Initiatives of the Ateneo (DSA- ASIA).

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